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///Video Production

Wherever you are in the process of planning your next project, Michael Mehlhorn is ready to assist with all of your pre-production needs. From scheduling shoots, to detailing concepts, and writing scripts, Michael has the experience to develop your ideas and make your project a reality.

When it is time to record, Michael offers high quality production and HD video options. Having worked on a range of videos including commercials, reality shows, music videos, documentaries, and corporate advertising, he is prepared with the latest production gear and equipment.

Using a blend of technical skill and creative flair, Michael crafts your video so that it flows and looks great for all outputs and audiences. Of course, as a client you will be informed and consulted every step of the way to make sure your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

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///Motion Graphics

Motion graphics and animation are quickly becoming the way to communicate your message to customers. They may pass you by if you do not stand out and catch their  attention.

Having years of professional experience in creating these types of graphics, Michael Mehlhorn offers animated title sequences, corporate branded intros and visual effects that can take your video to the next level. After reviewing your project's needs and audience, Michael will produce material specifically designed to attract attention and convey your message in a new and unique way.

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